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About Us – At Diemer Crop we highly value our customers and take pride in the hard work we put towards our services in order to consistently please them. Diemer Corp offers a variety of top notch services, from Automotive Sales to Graphic Design and SEO Marketing to ensure your business grows in a strong direction.

Not in the Automotive business?

No problem!  

We offer our services to everyone.

Services Offered:

1- Marketing – Strictly concentrated on automotive marketing to ensure expertise.

2- Online Marketing – Re-marketing advertising, display advertising (Banner Ads), mobile advertising, social media advertising, video advertising, car dealer video production services, credit application websites, call tracking & recording.

3- Automotive SEO- The process of building strategic content, links and traffic to your website from specific search keywords or phrases.


4-Pay Per Click- A business model whereby a company that has placed an advertisement on a website and pays a sum of money t
o the host website when a user clicks on to the advertisement.

5- Graphic Design- Top notch design services offering everything from advertisement banners, logo identity, business cards, full website designs & much more.

6- Web Coding- Flawless web development which allows your custom website to flourish when visitors enter
your site.

7- Automotive Sales Event Websites- Full or mini websites specific for short term (or long term) events promoting your event separately from you Dealership website.

8- Staff Training – Providing staff members with adequate training in how to handle leads.

9- Web Development – Custom web design, responsive web design, content management systems, CRM interrogations, graphics for your website & or flyers for events.



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