Are You Engaging Every Customer Properly On Your Website? – August 12, 2014

Are You Engaging Every Customer Properly on Your Website?

Some website owners like to brandish the number of hits they get at their website as if these were conclusive proof of the popularity of their business. However, hits can be misleading because even if people do visit your site the bigger question remains: were you able to make a sale out of each and every one of those visits? If the answer is no, then what use are hits to you then? At the most, hits can show how word has gotten around about your website but without a sale your business is dead in the water. So you really need to engage each and every one of your visitors so that they will be convinced to buy what you are selling so that your business can stay alive and even flourish.

The word “engage” means many different things depending on how you use it. What we mean when we say “engage” is that you were able to interact dynamically with the visitor so that she becomes a customer soon after reaching your site. This is the aim of all those strategies you have been reading about ranging from keyword repetition to use of meta tags to generating new content. They all aim to help your business raise sales from the hits you get over time. By engaging each customer you are able to meet their needs and/or wants through sales of your product or service and this means business survival. By NOT engaging you will be wasting a valuable opportunity when visitors drop by to visit your website.

How does one engage customers? First of all, do you even know the profile of your ideal customer? If you are targeting women, what kind of women do you believe will be attracted to your website? Let’s say you are expecting female college graduates to be attracted to your site – what would attract such women to your site? Naturally you want these highly educated women because they have disposable income of their own and are the kind of women who know what they want and how to go after it. Or maybe you are after men with an active lifestyle – what kind of occupation do such men have? Perhaps they are white collar professionals who have the disposable income to pay for their participation in sports on weekends. The high income level of such men makes them attractive to marketers because they are the ones who can pay their way. If you know these people are your ideal customers then you can proceed to devise ways to engage them towards a sale.

Next, what exactly are you selling that would appeal to your ideal customers? Using the examples above, the women would probably love stuff that celebrates their femininity such as ladies’ handbags, dresses for the office and for leisure time, various styles of shoes (traditional and modern), and even big ticket items such as homes and cars. The men would also love the homes and cars but they would probably be in the market for men’s suits and white collar attire such as polo shirts, chino pants, golf shoes, and attaché cases. Knowing the profile of your ideal customer you then proceed to acknowledging their tastes and start selling those things that appeal to such taste.

Take note that engaging a customer does not end with a sale. You also have to provide great after-sales service. This means providing a customer hotline where they can call if something about their purchase is defective, offensive or downright shoddy in workmanship. It means taking stock of any items that did not appeal to your customers and that which may be phased out of your inventory to make room for more in-demand items. It means providing a feedback mechanism so that customers can make suggestions about items that they would love to see on your site – then acting on such suggestions actively.

The same holds true if you are offering a service at your site. You need to acknowledge the customers that now patronize your service and continuously leave an ear open to listen to their comments and/or complaints about your service. You must then act on such feedback. Because you are offering a service, sometimes the defects in your system might not be so obvious (with products it is easier to spot system glitches and errors). Make it a point to provide better and better service so that new visitors to your site will become loyal customers that stay and pay for a very long time with you.


Written By: Daryl Diemer – Founder Of Diemer Corp
August 12, 2014

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