Back-links, .edu links, and .gov links: What They Can Do For You – September 12, 2014

Back-links, .edu links, and .gov links: What They Can Do For You

You may have heard of back-links, .edu links, and .gov links before but since you’re into selling cars (not IT) you may not have realized how these can be useful for your Dealership. Let’s explore how you can use these types of links to make your Dealership stronger and more attractive to customers.

First of all, a back-link is any link posted to a web page which may lead you to another web page. That’s the shortcut definition of a back-link. This means (as far as Dealerships are concerned) that your website which you set up for your Dealership’s online presence can have back-links posted on them. These back-links might lead to websites related somehow to selling cars. For instance, you might get links to the website of a company that sells tires for cars online, to the website of companies that sell car accessories, and even websites of people who love cars made by different manufacturers. If you want your own website to rank highly on search engines such as Google, you will need to have back-links so that you get a higher search ranking.

Second, a .edu link is the link for a website that is considered a “generic top-level domain.” In plain language that means that the website which has the .edu suffix is the site for an educational institution, usually based in the United States. The value of having a .edu link is that you gain some prestige online because your business is linking up with websites of academic institutions that are well known. Although having back-links to .edu sites doesn’t automatically mean that people will consider you a brainy person, it does mean that your website links up with reputable websites – and that’s a good thing. It also means that you can link up to .edu pages that have some connection with the auto industry such as maybe web pages concerning the economics of the oil industry, or the relationship between oil prices and automobile prices. Consider that your additional service to the public, especially those who are doing research before they purchase any cars.

Third, the .gov links are links for websites that occupy “sponsored top-level domain”. In plain English that simply means that the website is used by agencies of the US government. This is one of the more serious ways of back-linking because not every website out there would host back-links to government agencies. The value of having .gov back-links is that the public can find important information on those .gov web pages that are somehow related to the auto industry. For example, you might post .gov links to web pages that are concerned with regulation of the oil industry, or perhaps to web pages informing the public about new rules and procedures for getting driver’s licenses in the state you do business in. Like with the .edu links, .gov back-links help the public by providing much needed information and also help you provide an additional service to your customers.

It is important to take note that back-links should be used prudently. This means not just getting links to web pages at random and then posting these to your website. You ought to carefully select the information you choose to be associated with on your own website because it can leave a lasting impression in the minds of consumers. And always be sure that the links you get actually do lead to either a .edu or a .gov web page – sometimes you might find links on some other websites that lead to dummy pages or to undesirable content such as porn. So before posting back-links, test each one to see if it does lead to what you think they should lead to.

Since your website is about your Dealership, it is always important to post back-links to relevant web pages so that your customers know you take selling cars very seriously. It is important to have a good image that will earn respect among consumers and fellow dealers alike. Some Dealerships might post back-links just as filler information but your Dealership should get links that are directed to very informative web pages for the benefit of readers.

There is no guarantee that posting back-links such as these will make your business more popular. However, you can’t just let your website sit there – it has to provide some kind of service to the public. Because many people who are earning enough to afford Internet access and mobile devices can also afford to buy cars, you shouldn’t neglect your website for long. So always keep your website updated so car buyers are attracted to it.

Written By: Daryl Diemer – Founder of Diemer Corp
September 12, 2014

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