Is Your Business Website Responsive To Change? – August 11, 2014

Is Your Business Website Responsive to Change?

Let’s face it – the Internet world is always in a state of flux. There is always someone new setting up their own business website somewhere around the globe and thus it can be hard to be seen by netizens especially if your website is not responsive to this kind of change. You need to have the ability to adjust when things change around the Internet and that goes for your website too. So how do you make sure that your website is adapting as the world around it is altered from its original state? Simple – you yourself have to change first.

“Wait” you protest “this isn’t about me. It’s about my website”. Yes, but who creates the website? You do. Thus it is important that you examine yourself as a business person first before you can possibly amend the content of your website. Here are some ways you can adjust then tweak your website for the better:

What does my business stand for? Here you have to think about the values that you espouse that are translated into business activities on your site. For example, in the US there are websites devoted to adult entertainment because the owner of the site believes that adults should have the right to choose their kind of entertainment – so the website owner stands for freedom of expression. In turn, you will see that his website is all about adult visitors being able to choose adult forms of entertainment when they wish. There are also websites that are devoted to teaching children because the owner of the website is an educator – so not surprisingly the website of this educator will be full of suggestions on how to best educate children. It all starts with values.

If I weren’t doing this, what would I be doing? Think about that for a minute. What if for example you were a doctor writing articles for a medical website? Is this medical website really what your heart desires? Or are you actually thinking of something else to pursue like training horses? Where your heart is, that is where your website is conceived. So if you haven’t tweaked that medical website in a month, you have to wonder just what is on your mind that is getting in the way of making necessary changes. Perhaps you can make a second website that is devoted to training horses. That way you won’t have to discard the medical website which is your bread and butter.

Have I neglected my customers? This has to be Step 3 because you have already passed Step 1 and 2 above. Don’t leapfrog to this step before you have read Step 1 and 2 because the continuum starts from you and terminates at your customer. But if you are already at Step 3 ask yourself: what is it that my customers want? Have I delivered on my promise to them? Or have I been dilly dallying around to the point that my customers are walking away? No matter how pretty or well designed your website is, it needs to respond to the needs of customers – otherwise you will lose them. Period.

Can my customers give me their feedback and comments? A surprisingly huge number of organizations that operate online do not have a feedback mechanism in place. Thus, their website serves as a one-way communication medium. But in business you need to get the pulse of the market so if you haven’t set up a feedback mechanism then it may be time to do that now.

How much information do my customers need? You need to ask yourself this because you are doing one of these three things: you are sending out enough information regularly via your website; you are not sending out enough information regularly; or you are sending out too much information through your site. You might be dealing “information overload” right now when what you should really do is give just the right amount of data without being overwhelmed. And that is why you need a feedback mechanism.

How much money does it cost to upgrade my website? You have to sit down with whoever is developing your site with you or for you about this. Some website owners tweak their website regularly which means putting in a new template or adjusting color schemes; adding new photos and removing old ones; and possibly even hunting for new web hosts and ISPs (Internet Service Providers) if necessary. But all this will take time and money so you can ask for advice from your website developer about how he plans to improve the function and image of your website for you with a reasonable budget right now.


Written By: Daryl Diemer – Founder Of Diemer Corp
August 11, 2014

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