Do Potential Customers Use Social Media to Make a Vehicle Purchase? – October 3, 2014

Do Potential Customers Use Social Media to Make a Vehicle Purchase?

You may have heard that social media is a good way to make your Dealership more well known to the public. But the truth is, there are no firm numbers out there to help you figure out how many cars your target demographic purchases over a period of time primarily through social media. However, it is a good idea to rely on social media to complement your current marketing strategy. Why is this so?

First of all, one of the biggest benefits of social media is that some of them are free services. Facebook is a good example of this. You can open a free account and use it forever if you like, without paying a single penny or dollar. You can write about the vehicles you are selling and post this on your timeline. You can post the same post on different FB groups, provided the administrators of the group permit you to. You can upload pictures of the vehicles in your showroom so that Facebook users can see what you are selling. You can add people as contacts on FB as much as you like. You can even form your own group on Facebook made up of people you believe would be interested in what you are selling. With all these benefits, you definitely should get an FB account.

Twitter is another free social media service you may want to use. Twitter only allows 140 words per tweet but you can post as frequently as you prefer. You can be followed by fellow Twitter followers if they like and you can follow many people too. Twitter is a free service, just like Facebook, so it really pays to take advantage of this. You can write whatever you like about your Dealership on a blog site then post the blog site URL to your Twitter so that others may get curious and go to your blog site.

The value of social media using these two examples is really the ability of social media to make anyone popular. The content you choose to post will determine how popular you will become. This means it really depends on what social media netizens like to read and view online. If you are good at estimating where market trends go then social media is a good complement to that ability.

The long term value of a social media account is dependent on your ability to get followers. If people choose to follow your posts that means they might even be sharing or retweeting your posts to their contacts. It’s geometric progression. Naturally, you are doing all this because you wish people to take notice of your cars and possibly buy one for themselves. So using social media to your advantage in theory will help you get more sales and more customers.

Of course, there is always the risk that netizens will not favor your posts or follow you at all. But that should be ignored while you are just starting out. You must think positive so that your marketing campaign on social media will also come out positive. This holds true even to your posts – people usually like upbeat positive posts when they go on social media. If you seem like a nice person who really knows about cars then there will probably be people who will be attracted to that.

One proof that social media is a very democratic world is that people who were relatively unknown decades ago are now very popular online. A good example are the Kardashians who put out the reality TV show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. Just ten years ago nobody knew about them but now they are a household name. They keep social media accounts to add to their popularity and raise the enthusiasm of their fans. Yes, the TV show is popular in itself but social media allows the Kardashians to stay in touch with fans and possibly get feedback on how to improve their showbiz activities for the benefit of fans.

Think of your social media followers as fans who want to get closer to you. The reason celebrities get popular is they deliver what their fans want. In your case, your Dealership aims to sell vehicles that your followers really want. So do make it a point to look into other FB accounts as well to see if there are people who might be interested in buying the kind of cars you are selling. And be creative when making content for your social media accounts so that people will start taking notice of your Dealership and what you are offering.

Written By: Daryl Diemer – Founder of Diemer Corp
October 3, 2014

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