What Is Your Dealership Bounce Rate? – August 19, 2014

What Is Your Dealership Bounce Rate?

If you are setting up a website for your dealership one concept you should get familiar with is the “bounce rate”. The bounce rate can be computed as a percentage of the number of visitors who do get on your site but leave right away. This means the visitors do not want to look at the remaining pages of your website, preferring to just glance through your home page. Why is the bounce rate so important then?

The bounce rate is vital to your dealership’s survival because if the bounce rate is too high a percentage then that means your website is not effective at delivering your sales message to the public. It means people are getting either bored or turned off by your online ads posted on your website so they don’t stay for long. This means as well that your website needs to be adjusted if more customers are to come in and buy cars from your dealership. So if the bounce rates too high you need to react swiftly and correctly so that the bounce rate is minimized if not eliminated altogether.

To react to a soaring bounce rate, try to go over your website more carefully to see what your customers are looking at. Sometimes visitors leave because they cannot find the information they are looking for so they get tired of looking and just leave altogether. This means your website is hard to navigate and that just kills the whole idea of having a dealership website in the first place.

You should also take note when the bounce rate seems to peak and when it hits those favorable valleys. Did the rise in the bounce rate coincide approximately when you tried something new with your website? Did the slowdown in bounce rate come about just when you enacted some serious changes in your website layout, design and content? You need to be perceptive about this to be able to react the right way at the right time.

If you are having a hard time determining the relationship between your website and its bounce rate, you might want to check out other ads for other dealerships. This means analyzing why those dealerships seem to be thriving online and are even racking up sales as a result. Then ask yourself this: if you were the customer, what do those other dealerships’ ads have that would attract you? Then take time to think how you can incorporate elements similar to those of other dealerships’ websites into your own. This means taking a cue from your competitors to see why their websites are attractive.

If you are not sure how to make your dealership ads more interesting, you may need to call in experts such as web developers, graphic designers and search engine marketing pros. No one is perfect at everything and asking help from pros in this field just means you are willing to invest money into developing better ads and a better website. The cost of hiring these consultants can be considered a business expense that will yield profits for you. Work closely with your web developer, graphic designer and SEM professionals so that you can describe what you want done more easily.

If you did hire a graphic designer, web developer and SEM professional be sure to listen to their advice because that’s partly why you hired them. These experts probably have their own ideas on how to make your website better, bolder and more informative (as well as attractive). They can improve navigation so that once the customer is on the home page he will find the right links to click on to draw him further into the dealership experience you are offering online. That should have a direct effect on the bounce rate as more customers choose to stay and navigate your site. It should also have an impact on the brand awareness of your niche market in Canada so that people will remember the name of your business and may return for more information.

Speaking of information, you can also add content that car owners and drivers would find interesting and useful to them. For example, you can give short guides on how to buy spare tires for the vehicles you are selling online. You can post technical information about your vehicles so that people who are into cars will know how to do simple repair jobs when they’ve bought your cars. You can even give the schedule for taking the exam to qualify for a driver’s license in your Canadian location as well. If you did this part right, more people will probably come to visit and browse useful information from your website.


Written By: Daryl Diemer – Founder of Diemer Corp
August 19, 2014

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