What is Your Dealerships Rep Online? – August 16, 2014

What is Your Dealerships Rep Online?

One of the stereotypes popularized in America is that of the sleazy car salesman who would do anything (including use of misleading advertising) to make a quick sale. This being the case, do you know what your auto dealership’s reputation is online? If not, you really need to find out.

The reason your online reputation as an auto dealer is so important is because in sales your reputation will always precede you. This means that if your reputation as a car salesman is sleazy and not trustworthy then that will affect the sales you can make in real time. If that reputation spreads online, don’t be surprised if no one ever buys a car from you (even if you advertise heavily online). The Internet is really a small place and if word gets around it really has a big effect on your business.

“But my cars are top of the line. And I’m a very convincing talker” you might protest. This is irrelevant – because your image is tarnished people won’t buy from anyone with a spotty record. People will buy who you are before they buy anything from you. And if people aren’t buying you then naturally they won’t buy anything you are selling because they will assume that you’re always lying to them.

Let’s say that your image is already tarnished online – is it possible to resurrect your image so that people will start trusting you again? Well, the only way you can rebuild a good reputation is to find people who will trust you. You need to rebuild your image one day at a time and that means one customer at a time. This can be hard but it is still possible.

To rebuild a good image online you may have to take some drastic measures. One way is to get someone famous to endorse your dealership. And by famous we don’t automatically mean actors and actresses, though that too is possible. You can get celebrity racecar drivers as your endorser, which is great because many drivers look up to racecar drivers especially those with a good racing record. Try to get the up and coming racecar drivers to endorse your product (because maybe you can’t afford the champions yet). You can also make promotional offers for your auto dealership such as offering a free car wash session for every car people buy from you. You could also offer some other freebies such as car seat covers and a car vacuum cleaner if you want to entice people to buy a car. (People love free stuff).

But what if you try all these strategies and you still can’t make a sale? You really need to sit down and think this through. If you have an image online as being sleazy and trustworthy how could you rehabilitate that image in other ways? Well, one way is to provide content on your website that favors drivers. For example, you could give tips about buying quality tires and knowing when to do that via articles posted on your website. That would attract drivers who are new to car ownership and don’t know how to pick the right tires yet. Or maybe you can discuss safety tips for drivers when driving on rainy or snowy streets. Think of this as another way to render service to the public. If you do this, perhaps more people will sit up and take notice of your car dealership. They might start saying, “Hey this guy makes sense. Let’s check out his cars. Maybe he is really selling quality cars this time”.

Let’s say you’ve been doing all this for some time. Check and see if more people are dropping by your website – if there are more it means that the public are becoming more aware about your dealership. Awareness is always the foundation of selling so when people are aware you exist and that you sell quality cars at reasonable prices you can probably expect that people will start buying soon. Don’t neglect any inquiries posted online at your website – treat each visitor online as a prospect who will buy cars from you even if they don’t do that immediately. Buying a car is a big-ticket purchase so most people will want to check their financial capacity to pay first before they buy any from you. But accommodate any and all inquiries so that if they come back to you they know that you are ready and willing to sell quality cars to them. Offer them reasonable pricing under reasonable terms and sales will probably increase as a result.


Written By: Daryl Diemer – Found of Diemer Corp
August 16, 2014

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