Does Your Website Have a Blog? – August 18, 2014

Does Your Website Have a Blog?

If you own an auto dealership and are planning to put up a website to create an online presence for your business, do consider adding a blog page to your site. Websites in themselves can be used to advertise your dealership’s vehicles for sale. However a blog page is important too so that people will gain a closer understanding of why automobiles are so important and why they should buy a vehicle today.

To start out with your blog page, be sure that the blog page has a link to your home page. Your web developer will know how to do this for you. You need a link to the home page so that anyone visiting your website for the first time can easily click on the “Blog” button and be redirected to the blog page. You should also ask your web developer to devise a way so that each time you post a blog there will be a notification on the home page. That way, visitors to your dealership website will have an easier time reaching your blogs.

A dealership website can make use of the blog page to post interesting articles related to automobiles, auto mechanics, and guides for repairing the vehicles you are selling. Think of this as additional service to your market so that when they go searching online the search results will show them that you have the information they need. And information is power so an empowered customer is one who will remember that he got his information from your website.

“But I don’t know how to write. I’m an auto salesman, not a professional writer. How will I create content to put on the blog page?” Good question. One way is to hire a freelance writer who is knowledgeable and experienced about cars to make your blog articles for you. You can simply provide topics so that the writer will know what to research on and write about. Be sure to instruct the writer to check for plagiarism hits using a good anti-plagiarism website so that you can post the articles on your blog without fear of complaints from other authors. Another way is to provide links to other interesting websites about automobiles on your website blog. Then write a brief description about each link so that a visitor will not have to do trial and error just to find out what your links are all about.

If you are ready to set up this blog page, you can also solicit ads to be placed at the top, side or bottom of each page. Naturally you won’t post ads from your competitors but there are many other businesses that might need exposure on your site and whose products and/or services may have something related to automobiles to offer. The great thing about letting other businesses post ads on your website is that you stand to earn from each ad which can help pay for the cost of running the website. At the same time, visitors will find it convenient to look for auto-related products and services on your website. Negotiate for a pay per click system so that your visitors can help make your website more profitable when they click on the ads you host.

If you have salesmen working for you at your dealership, you can also ask them to make blog content that they themselves will write. You can pay them per article they write, provided that the article is somehow related to your dealership. This can make your employees more involved in the daily operations of your dealership because they are contributing to its success. Be sure as well to add their names as the authors of the blog posts they write for you, to show that you recognize their efforts.

Lastly, it is important that your salesmen do inform walk-in customers about the website. You could even have a computer ready in your showroom so that salesmen can show customers how to reach your dealership website. Your customers may have special needs for the automobiles they are looking for so you can meet such needs by helping them navigate through your website to the correct page. If the customer is satisfied with the service she got, you can ask her if she’d agree to comment and sign your “guestbook” on the site. This is a nice touch that visitors to your site will be easily drawn to because they may want proof that your website is legitimate and is very helpful to new car buyers such as them.


Written By: Daryl Diemer – Founder of Diemer Corp
August 18, 2014

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