Duck, Duck AdWords – August 15, 2014

Google AdWords – Duck, Duck ADWORDS

The use of ADWORDS is similar to being in an archery range and observing that there are many archers letting loose with a volley of shots. You are one of the archers and letting loose your own volley of shots. However, the target can only get hit by a limited number of arrows so only the most accurate archers win. Meanwhile, all these arrows are being fired all the time at the same single target. The result? Competition. So you will need to duck when all those keywords from other players are launched into cyberspace.

The words you use for search engine marketing (SEM) are the arrows in the analogy. You will find that you are competing against many other keywords from other people that all aim to hit the target (that target being the mind of a person searching online for something). If your arrows (the keywords) are the same ones in the mind of netizens searching for something then the website you are espousing will be selected amongst the millions of website jockeying for position. This is the ultimate prize in the competitive world found online.

Google ADWORDS is a tool for “archers” who are shooting at the “target”. By using ADWORDS for your SEM efforts, the odds that your keywords will be selected goes up. ADWORDS aims to make search engine marketing easier and more controlled, compared to blindly shooting in the dark. When you sign up for ADWORDS you can have your ads placed at the top, side or bottom of the web page of search results thus reaching out to the people who use your preferred keywords. This means more people will be able to see your ads on a regular basis. This kind of focused marketing strategy is useful for people who would like their marketing reach to be extended more towards their preferred audience. And these preferred audiences might be found at the local and international level which is good for you because you don’t have to spend so much on blind use of keywords by choosing those which are still popular among netizens all over.

Google knows that you need ADWORDS and that is why they keep offering this service online all the time. However, Google ADWORDS can also be used to discriminate against certain domains (IP Address) too if you don’t want your ads appearing at such domains. This is good for advertisers who only want a niche market for their keywords. Though this is like making the target you are shooting at shrink, niche markets are good too because you are able to narrow down your targets and thus need fewer arrows for shooting. Your SEM becomes more accurate. You will also observe that the odds that you will reach your target go up because you are able to focus compared to blindly sending out keywords at random. You can limit your niche market to around 500 IP addresses at one time with ADWORDS.

Another good aspect about Google ADWORDS is that even the smaller players can use it (not just the ones with deep pockets). This sort of levels the playing field and makes business easier for you amidst so much competition. Use of ADWORDS can be described as placement targeting, remarketing, and ADWORDS distribution. Because Google is the browser where search results will be displayed by ADWORDS, every one of your ADWORDS ads is welcome to be posted at Google. And this is good news because Google is one of the most preferred browsers at this point meaning you have the numbers on your side. You can also have the choice of enabling your ad for placement on Google partner networks.

Every service has a competitor and Google ADWORDS is not exempt from this. To use the archer analogy, Google ADWORDS has to compete against Bing ADS (which used to be known as Microsoft AdCenter) and Yahoo! Search Marketing. This means all those archers that you are competing against have three choices: Google ADWORDS, Bing ADS and Yahoo! Search Marketing. This being the case, Google ADWORDS has the advantage because it allows all ADWORDS ads to be posted on the Google search engine – since Google is the top dog at the moment, you can expect Google ADWORDS to be adopted by more business owners to keep the advantage on their side.

Those archers you are competing against aren’t going away any time soon. However, you will have more peace of mind if Google ADWORDS is your tool of choice to fire your own keyword arrows. The reach of Google is so vast that Google is earning big time from its ADWORDS service. So stay with the winner by staying with Google ADWORDS today.


Written By: Daryl Diemer – Found of Diemer Corp
August 15, 2014

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