Email Marketing Tips – 10 Tips to Get You Started – October 5, 2014

Email Marketing Tips – 10 Tips to Get You Started

A Dealership is only as good as its last sale – this is true in the auto sales industry and it will remain true up to your dying day. One way that you could boost your Dealership sales is email marketing. Email marketing involves the creation of email content that will then be sent to multiple email addresses owned by real people. The point to offering vehicles for sale this way is so that you can reach out to consumers who might have enough disposable income to purchase used or new cars from Dealerships like yours.

If you have never tried email marketing before, it is never too late to start. Here are 10 tips that may help you develop and launch an email marketing campaign:

Think carefully about what your Dealership is about. Yes, it is about selling cars but what persuades people to buy a car from you? When people think of buying cars, do they think about your Dealership and the cars you have in your showroom? How do your cars improve the lives of the people who buy them? This is how you figure out what values your brand espouses.

Think carefully about who you would want as your ideal customers. Are they young urban professionals whose careers are vibrant and on the upswing? Are they approaching middle age and are in need of bigger cars to accommodate a growing family? Or are they senior citizens who would like a new car so they can enjoy their retirement by going on road trips? Each type of customer that you can think of probably has an ideal car in mind so you may need to rely on your gut feel and experience to figure out whom to market to.

Think about the pricing of your cars. Who would probably be able to afford those cars? Are the instalment payment plans you offer in-house attractive enough for your target demographic? Can you afford to offer promotional discounts on the price of each car? All consumers like affordable stuff especially big ticket items like cars.

Do you have a list of email addresses that you can readily access and use? Some websites offer a database of email addresses for sale to Dealerships that want to pursue email marketing. If your showroom has a guest book of visitors, check if the visitors put their contact details there. You might also have some calling cards that such visitors may have left after their visit.

Start writing the email after you have answers to the questions above. Make your email lively and upbeat. You might want to keep a written list of your answers to the questions above handy as you write your email.

Try to appeal to both the logic and emotions of your target demographic. If you had answered the questions above, you probably know more about what your ideal customers are thinking when they think of cars.

Be sure to provide answers to the problems of your customers as far as buying cars is concerned. Some common problems are finding affordable financing for a new car purchase, a poor credit history, and inability to find cars that meet special needs (such as having enough room in the trunk for the wheelchair of a disabled family member or having the steering mechanism adjusted for a disabled driver).

Discuss with your salesmen any problems that they may have encountered while selling cars. Then incorporate this knowledge into writing the email. For example, were some customers in a hurry to scan through the vehicles in your showroom? How could you help customers like this who might not have the patience to listen to explanations about how each car works?

Think of your most recent sales. What do you think convinced those customers to buy from you back then? Is this knowledge applicable to the current situation of the community? For instance, maybe last year you had a lot of baby boomers buying cars from you but this year there don’t seem to be as many. This might mean your average baby boomer is no longer in need of cars meaning you have to shift your focus to other market segments instead.

Always include your most recent contact details as part of the signature of your email.

Email marketing is an inexact science but one that has potential to help you reach out to customers. If you follow these tips religiously, you definitely up the odds of making a sale in your favour.

Written By: Daryl Diemer – Founder of Diemer Corp
October 5, 2014

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