Facebook 101 – Why Do I Need to Be on Facebook Anyways? – September 17, 2014

Facebook 101 – Why Do I Need to Be on Facebook Anyways?

Facebook is one of the most remarkable online success stories there is to date – and one of the most profitable. The success of Facebook actually hinges on the success of people who own Facebook accounts in posting content that they and the people they relate to will find appealing, attractive, funny and relevant to their lives. You may have been thinking whether to get a Facebook account yourself to make your business more popular – trouble is, you are not 100% sure if this is what your business needs. So is it a good idea to be on Facebook?

If you own a Dealership your main business goal is to sell more cars. To be able to sell more cars you need more people to know that you are selling cars that they would like to own and drive. So logically your Facebook account should somehow help your Dealership sell more cars – that is your end goal in setting up a Facebook account. So yes, it is a good idea to be on Facebook because a) you create awareness about your business amongst Facebook users and b) you can entertain inquiries, comments and questions about your Dealership in particular and cars in general through your Facebook site. Basically you want more people to know that you are selling cars and that you have the cars they really want.

Setting up the Facebook account means choosing a username – this is for the free account. It is ideal to make up a username that tells people what your Facebook account is about. So you can choose Ontarionewcarsales as a username if you do business in Ontario and are selling new cars. The nice thing about a username this long is that it makes people pause in their Facebooking and pay attention to you. Once you have filled out the proper fields your new free Facebook account is ready and waiting for your first posts.

So what should you post on your Facebook account? Basically, you have free reign over what you want to post. That’s another great thing about Facebook – the site is really about freedom of expression. Unlike other websites that might censor content, on Facebook almost anything and everything goes. As far as your Dealership is concerned, that means you have to pay attention to the image you are creating online through this FB (short for Facebook) account. So since you are selling cars, you can easily upload photos of the cars you are selling along with a brief description of that car. The details should be posted as well such as pricing of each car, instalment payment plans that you might be offering, features of each car, and the popularity of the car as you have experienced it in your Dealership.

You must make a decision whether to post personal stuff on your business FB account. It is good to keep it solely about business but you can make your site more appealing by adding homey touches such as announcing events that made your Dealership business more important to the community. For example, if your Dealership recently sponsored a charity golf tournament, that might be nice to post on your FB account. Or maybe you sponsored a soup kitchen for the homeless? Stuff like that are good to post on any FB account but most especially for your business FB account because it shows you have concern for the welfare of your local community.

The greatest thing about being on FB is that you are not alone. So you can start accepting contacts that Facebook might suggest to you. You have free reign over which contacts you will accept. It would be good to select contacts that seem to fit your ideal demographics for a customer. For example, if there seem to be a lot of young people on Facebook, you can send them Friend Requests. Once they have accepted, you can befriend them online and open conversations with them. The Facebook universe is so vast that you can be Facebooking for a week and still have tons more options among contacts to accept as Friends.

You also have the option of setting up a group of your own on Facebook. To do this, go to the News Feed at the left hand side and you will see that there is a “Create Group” command there. A group would be a good option if you want to engage people in discussions related to your Dealership. Once you have formed a group you can then simply keep adding contacts as you wish.

Written by: Daryl Diemer – Founder of Diemer Corp
September 17, 2014

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