How To Fit Google In Your Advertising Budget – August 12, 2014

How to Fit Google In Your Advertising Budget

Website advertising is one way your company can stand to boost sales for your product or service. Nowadays website advertising usually means using either Google AdWords or Google AdSense. It may also mean hiring a certified Google AdWords professional to assist you. If you fully intend to operate via the Internet then going Google for advertising is very important for you and well worth the cost.

For the benefit of those who do not know about Google based advertising, the Google search engine company operates Google AdWords. If you were to tap into the Google AdWords service you would pay Google for the right to have your official ad posted beside, below or above the search results every time someone makes a search for a search term relevant to your ad. This is actually very sensible because your line of work at your website may be relevant only to some search terms. So if for instance a soccer player types in the search term “soccer equipment” then the search results would show a whole bunch of search results relevant to soccer equipment plus the ad for the soccer equipment company may be displayed beside, below or above such search results. This way, your ad won’t be displayed when there are non-relevant search terms used.

On the other hand, Google AdSense is another way that you can maximize your advertising budget. To make Google AdSense work for you, you would need your Webmaster to integrate the JavaScript code for AdSense within your website source code. Whenever someone visits your website, the inline JSON of JavaScript code will allow your website to feature content that is stored with the Google servers.

There are two kinds of advertisement that Google AdSense will allow publishers to display: contextual advertisements and site-targeted advertisements. Under contextual advertisements, the servers at Google will rely on your page’s cached copy to produce a group of high value keywords. When such keywords are found in the cache, the bidding system for Google AdWords will help determine the correct advertisements based on those same keywords. For the site-targeted advertisements, it is the advertiser who will select which pages should house his advertisements and in return for that privilege is required to shoulder a CPM (cost per mile) payment. (Cost per mile simply refers to the rate of payment by an advertiser per thousand advertisement displayed). Take note as well that an AdSense customer (like you) are allowed to indicate the correct pages where your advertisement will be shown – this helps cut down on fraud such as when other website owners choose to duplicate the JavaScript code of your page into their own source code for their pages.

Knowing all this, tapping into Google advertising is a good expense for your business because of the wide-ranging reach of the search engine. Rather than hire sales agents for your company (whose job would be to look for customers to buy your products or patronize your service) you can simply pay for either the contextual advertisements or the site-targeted advertisements, as you prefer. It is cheaper to do this in the long run, especially if your company is going international to gain access to many markets in many countries. It is also less expensive because you can rely on the Google AdWords service and the Google AdSense program to help you reach more people at least cost. It would cost much, much more to hire people just to market your product or service for you and is comparable in price to taking out ads in traditional media such as newspapers and magazines.

It is true though that some complain about the Google AdSense program. One complaint concerns the use of tracking cookies, which is viewed by some as a breach of privacy. Webmasters get around this problem by incorporating a clear warning about it in their website’s Privacy Policy page. There is also some difficulty in determining whether a person clicking on an advertisement will be buying or simply browsing. In addition, some complaints were received when the advertisements featured by Google were offensive and even inappropriate. Some may also recommend that you use a click-tracking program to monitor who is clicking on the advertisements, because there is report that some businessmen click on the advertisement of a competitor to jack up the advertising cost of that competitor.

However, the advertising-supported business model of Google advertising is still a sound business model. If you intend to do business go the Google advertising way and hopefully your advertisements will attract many prospects that you can sell to.


Written By: Daryl Diemer – Founder of Diemer Corp
August 12, 2014

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