Display Advertising – Flash Ads VS Static Ads – September 1, 2014

Display Advertising – Flash Ads VS Static Ads

If your Dealership doesn’t yet use display advertising, then you might consider adopting this marketing tool soon. Display advertising is important to adopt to market your vehicles because you are competing against hordes of other dealerships, each one aiming to grab a sizable share of market dollars and become dominant in the community. However, there are two types of display advertising you need to become familiar with: static advertising and flash advertising.

Static advertising is sometimes better known as traditional advertising (especially when compared with flash advertising). When it comes to static advertising, you have advertising posted on billboards, in magazines and newspapers, on posters and fliers. These have been used in the past and are successful forms of advertising to a certain extent. The advantage of relying on these static advertising tools is that they already have been proven to work so you know that you stand to benefit if you rely on static advertising like these. The disadvantage of these tools is that other dealerships are probably using them already. So that makes for a really crowded space filled with static advertising jostling for ideal position with each other –and you don’t need to be a marketing expert to know that a crowded advertising space is probably going to make customers too dizzy to get past reading one or two of them. This is the dilemma of many who are trying out display advertising for the first time.

Flash ads on the other hand are the new wave being pursued by many businesses today. Flash advertising is sometimes better known as flash banners and can be found on many websites. A flash banner is a rectangular ad that is laid out horizontally, forming a banner from the left side to the right side of the web page. Some flash banners are longer and taller than others, depending on how big a budget the advertiser has to spend for design and hosting of the flash banner. Flash banners might be better known as Web banners to some. There are now also some graphic design companies that create vertical flash banners but these are not as common as the horizontal kind. One reason for this could be that the human eye usually reads from left to right before it starts to read top to bottom. So it makes sense to display horizontal banner ads since the eye easily reads these and absorbed by the mind.

If you have never considered using flash ads before, take note that you don’t have to do away with static ads altogether. Actually, static ads and flash ads have their own respective strengths and weaknesses. Static ads are used in a real-world environment where you can actually touch the advertising paper or material the ad is printed on. Flash ads on the other hand can only be found online and cannot be touched with your hands – they are only visual and intangible. Because static ads are best used in an environment where access to computers is not readily available, static ads still have their uses. Flash ads cannot replace this function of static ads, so it is best to use flash ads to give you an online presence.

“Why is it important to have an online presence?” you might be asking. Well, a lot of consumers with sufficient disposable income now do a lot of their transactions and shopping online. The cost of doing business online is also dropping because it is easier now to find someone to help create an online advertising campaign for you. Since so many potential customers are now spending much time online, doesn’t it make sense to reach out to this group through your flash advertising?

Even people whose disposable income is not so big might also be spending a lot of time online, because the Internet has a lot to offer even people in a lower income bracket. And naturally the younger generation has been exposed so much to the Internet and to mobile devices that staying online is so familiar to them and practically second nature. Thus, it makes sense to market to everyone nowadays by keeping a strong presence online and disseminating information about your business to practically all consumer segments.

Don’t worry if you are not that skilled in techie stuff related to websites and the Internet. There are professionals nowadays that specialize in this. After all, we can’t all be IT techies, right? But you can still take advantage of flash advertising to make your Dealership more well known and be able to reach out to more customers near and far.


Written By: Daryl Diemer – Founder of Diemer Corp
September 1, 2014

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