How To Gather More Emails – August 20, 2014

How To Gather More Emails

In any online business, it is very important to have a steady supply of emails that you can do email marketing to. This is because email marketing works best when you have a “wide market” of people to market to. This means that the more emails you have in your marketing list the more people you will be able to send marketing ads to. This in theory means that you stand to gain more sales of products or more subscribers to your service because the odds that more people will commit to your business goes up as well. Does this actually work in reality?

Well, the theory is sound because obviously if you have 100 email addresses the odds of people committing are higher than if you only have 10 email addresses in your marketing list. However, do people actually commit? This is the problem commonly encountered by many marketers. You may send out multiple emails time and time again, but you don’t get any response. So one solution for this dilemma is to procure more email addresses so you have a “fresh” batch of prospects to email to.

Still, getting a fresh batch over time has not been proven to raise sales or gain more subscribers for any business significantly. But if you are an email marketer, what other choice do you have? You certainly cannot give up marketing just because you encounter this problem. The solution could be to get “better” email address lists instead.

By “better” it means finding a source of email addresses that are for: a) real people who actively use these email accounts; b) people who are known to have a steady income, thus making them ideal customers; c) people who would probably need or want what you are selling; and d) people who probably like online shopping. Confirming that the email addresses apply in these four cases is the hard part and you often can only prove that they are by actually emailing the owners of the email addresses.

Some websites online specialize in selling email addresses that are “fresh” meaning these haven’t been sold to other businesses yet for use in email marketing. That too is hard to prove unless you happen to know someone who has used the same email addresses before. Still, these online email address sources do a brisk business online because email marketers really want to have new lists to email to all the time.

One reason these websites are able to entice business owners and marketers to buy their email lists is that they claim to have a huge database of email addresses just waiting to be accessed. One website says they have more than 80 million consumers in their database. Can you imagine emailing 80 million different people if you are a marketer? Not surprisingly, this does bring buyers in because having that many options for marketing is really attractive.

Are there any other ways by which you could gather email addresses without paying for them? Well, you could always join an association of people who share some kind of occupation, hobby, or field of interest with you. By joining you are able to gain access to the membership directory of that association meaning you could legitimately gather email addresses without getting into trouble. But be sure to be discreet going about this because the last thing you want is for people to send angry responses if you suddenly send them marketing emails. Try to be casual about it. Introduce yourself in a friendly way and slowly bring up what you do for a living. You might want to pause there and send the initial email this way. Then wait for a response or an inquiry if the email recipient is interested in you.

Another way to get email addresses is to ask people you already know for referrals. You should also be careful about this because these referrals might question how you were able to solicit their addresses. Again, go slow. It pays to get to know these referrals better first before you start marketing anything to them. Once you and they are already friends then you can proceed to the next stage which is introducing your business to them.

Gathering “fresh” emails is really hard and sometimes may cost more money than you expected. If you are going to buy new email lists, be sure these are those that have permission from the email address owners to be used for marketing. Otherwise, you may have to use the slower methods outlined here to be on the safe side.


Written By: Daryl Diemer – Founder of Diemer Corp
August 20, 2014

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