How To Use Retargeting On Facebook – August 11, 2014

How To Use Retargeting on Facebook

Imagine you have a visitor that views one of your blog posts, looks at your price list, or even adds one of your products to their shopping cart but never actually checks out. Wouldn’t it be great if you could catch their attention again so you did not lose out on their potential sale? With retargeting on Facebook that is exactly what you are able to do.

With the internet allowing people to research products and services for a variety of competitors, many users do not buy the first time they visit a website. In marketing, retargeting (sometimes referred to as remarketing) is to keep your brand visible to target prospects that have already visited your website and convert prospects into sales or leads.

Retargeting on Facebook is one of the most effective methods at recapturing prospects and driving them back to your site. Here a four different ways you can use the popular social media platform for retargeting:

Retarget Website Visitors

This is the most common method of retargeting on the internet. If a user makes it to a specific page on your website, it is often in your best interest to recapture that lead and try to get them back on your site. What makes retargeting on Facebook so powerful is that you do not have to target anyone who has visited your site. Instead you can simply target users who have gone to specific pages. For example, a user that went to your contact us page is probably more interested in your product or service than someone who simply visited a blog post.

Retarget Facebook Fans

One of the most overlooked aspects of retargeting is going after users who have already became a fan on your page. These users have already taken a step toward become a sale (or may have even bought in the past) making the extremely likely to purchase products in the future. Instead of simply having a Facebook fan page full of updates, retargeting your existing fans with exclusive deals and important information can lead to a tremendous boost in sales.

Retarget List Subscribers

You hear it all the time in the marketing world: the money is in the list. Having an email list by itself can produce great results, but there are now options for retargeting on Facebook using your subscription list. All you need to do is create a custom audience based on an excel file with all of the emails of your subscribers. This is an extremely simple, effective cross-platform marketing method that can have huge impact on your conversions.

Get Creative With Your Retargeting

One of the most powerful features of retargeting on Facebook is that it allows you to be extremely specific and flexible with the audience you target. Instead of sending out a generic message to any user who visited your website, you can send out messages to users who have not visited your site in a certain length of time; you can send out thank you messages to anyone who purchased a product in the past; you can even use retargeting to cross sell accessories or similar products based on past purchases made by your users.


Written By: Daryl Diemer – Founder Of Diemer Corp
August 11, 2014

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