Does your Dealership Website have Live Chat? – August 28, 2014

Does your Dealership Website have Live Chat?

Thinking of a great way to increase revenue using eCommerce especially in dealerships? Then live chat feature is the answer for you.

As an online dealer, we also have to be up-to-date. Live chats should be a mandatory function in every online website because chances are, customers won’t be waiting for your reply via email or different messaging software applications. We live in the instant generation, and any delay can change the outcome of our sales.


Not yet convinced? Here’s why live chat is important in a dealership website:

A little tip: don’t be too formal in your messages because customers might find you intimidating. The market would always prefer a friendly personnel to talk to.

In conclusion, live chats can put your dealership website on top, both in being well known and in sales. A chat platform would be of advantage for both the dealer and customer because it’s reliable and fast. It doesn’t just create traffic on your website, it also gains trust of customers and that’s what’s important.

So does your dealership website have live chat? You can start looking for someone who can do it for your website now or regret later.


Written By: Daryl Diemer – Founder of Diemer Corp
August 28, 2014

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