Print Is Dead, So Let It Burn! – August 21, 2014

Print Is Dead, So Let It Burn!

Have you been having a dilemma on whether to invest money on tangible print materials or just publish advertisements on line? In our fast paced generation of computers and Internet, the role of print in our lives is slowly going away. Long gone are the days of reading newspapers and magazines. Today’s ideas of media are social media, gaming websites, search engines, online tutorials, and email.

Let’s hear some few points on why it’s not the print generation anymore.

Wider Scope

Imagine having to print a billboard advertisement located in a local destination – with this you could attract the locals. What about other people that are far away? They could be interested in your company too. Are you just going to let this go on, knowing that some people might never get to hear what you have to offer just because it can’t reach them? While print advertisements can take you to some places, online marketing strategies can take your products in every place of this world, both locally and globally. It just takes a few clicks in digital marketing. And that’s what society does these days – rely on the Internet for everything. The only print material I see that get to travel the world are those that are being used as a wrapper.

Have you even tried asking an eight year old what a newspaper is? Newsflash: we are the last generation of people who still remember when a newspaper boy in a bicycle handed out morning papers every 5 in the morning.


You waste enormous amount of money printing out brochures, posters, and billboards that the public just ignores. Nobody can read all the information on a billboard while driving or walking.  Let us not forget that printing a print material, and having it printed more than once, is not as cheap as you might think. Moving to an online strategy can save your business a lot of money. Online advertisements are the cheapest form of marketing, and yet it is the most effective. It’s the fastest form of communication, which therefore makes it your best option. Let us never forget that paperless is eco friendly too.


Internet is the most powerful invention on earth today because it has everything from social media to eLearning. We are a paperless generation. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram raise the generation of today. We use Facebook for current events and important news. We use YouTube for tutorials and entertainment. Twitter and Instagram are used for communication. Two years olds can use a tablet like an adult do. There are thousands of people going online everyday just to see what’s new with the changing world. Social media is taking control of our lives, both young and old. We face our mobile devices much more often than we do with our friends and family. We open more than 5 web sites per day by some estimates. Why not take advantage of it? It won’t cost you anything anyway. We should always consider our market’s convenience in everything.


eCommerce is a great way for your business to attract customers in a way that won’t make your wallet cry. Online shopping is easy, convenient, and instant; the precise factors that are trends today. Nobody waits any more. Nobody tries every shop to find just one perfect product. We use Internet in everything we do now, so why stay with the old and print?

Search Engine Optimization

Digital marketing is good not just for advertising your company. It also makes your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) activities go up. The higher the SEO ranking, the more favoured your company is. What could be better than being the first option in a search engine results page (SERP)? Organic search engine marketing is hard work meaning it’s not an automatic thing. When a search engine finds out that your company has great amounts of clicks, it’s going to help you reach more people with SEO.

Why settle for something that’s dead? It will only take a few more years until the time you can’t find anybody that prints posters any more. Even fiction and non-fiction categorized books are turning into paperless using eBooks. Let’s open our company and ourselves to the possibilities that the Internet can give us. We may have been sticking with print for a few years now and think that it’s serving us a great deal but that’s in the past already. Now is the time to accept change.  Digital marketing is taking over print just as much as print took over handwritten/handmade advertisements a few thousand years ago.


Written By: Daryl Diemer – Founder of Diemer Corp
August 21, 2014

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