Reviews, Reviews and More Reviews – August 23, 2014

Reviews, Reviews and More Reviews

If you own a Dealership one way you can raise awareness about your business and the vehicles you sell is by seeking out websites that do reviews about auto dealerships in Canada. Websites like these aim to provide a service to potential car buyers in the country by letting them know about Dealerships that may be selling the right kind of car that a car buyer is looking for. Some might even post reviews about Dealerships that also buy used cars. The point to all this is to create a bridge between Dealerships and consumers so that both benefit when the individual buys a car from a certain Dealership.

One website you may choose to visit is . This website offers reviews about many Dealerships as well as information about the location of service centres (which is good for car owners). This website offers “Trusted Reviews” because real consumers write their opinions about the cars they bought from certain Dealerships and then the reviews are screened carefully before being posted. The point to screening all these reviews is to weed out any “demolition job” reviews that are created by people who want to badmouth a particular Dealership without any valid reasons. Screening is also important to keep the reputation of the website intact and trustworthy.

Another website that offers reviews about auto dealerships in Canada is . You should look for the “Recent Reviews” box on the right hand side of the home page where the most recently submitted reviews by consumers is posted for easy access. The reviews can be about used car businesses or new car Dealerships – the commonality is that all the Dealerships are based in Canada. You can also search for either used car dealers or new car Dealerships in the green box near the top of the home page, based on what city or country the dealership should be nearest too. This means you might even find Dealerships listed that are still in Canada but very near the border with the US. So although this site specializes in reviews about Canadian Dealerships, you might find a few that are actually in US territories but are near enough to the Canadian border to matter.

It is important that when you seek out reviews to be very specific about what you are looking for. For example, you might be looking for used cars from a particular decade, such as the 1980s. Or you might be looking for small hatchback cars (new and/or used). You can even look for reviews about vehicles from a particular brand or manufacturer. A good reviews website will allow you much leeway in searching for Dealerships that sell the kind of car, the right brand of car, or the right age of car to you meaning when you start searching you will get quite a lot of reviews to browse through. Actually, your biggest problem might be the overwhelming deluge of reviews available at each website rather than the lack of information at the site. It pays to be wary when reading reviews because some consumers might not really know what they are talking about when they post those reviews. That is why it is a good idea to look for reviews at websites that screen reviews for accuracy and honesty.

Another important piece of information to look for at websites is the pricing of each car. Naturally, used cars tend to be cheaper than new cars (unless the used car is a collector’s item with only a few working units left out there to look for.) New cars are desirable because the assumption is that they are in excellent working condition because they are fresh off the assembly line of the manufacturer. The pricing may vary from dealer to dealer but if you are patient you may eventually find a good Dealership that offers the right car at a price you find reasonable.

Once you have found a Dealership that seems worth your while, take the contact details from the review site so you can contact the Dealership in advance. Inquire about their operating hours as well as the precise location of the showroom or car lot where the vehicles are parked. You can also ask if they have any promotions ongoing that you could time your visit for. Dealerships are always running some kind of promotion but not every promotion may apply to your choice of car. It is also prudent to ask in advance their payment system and if you need to bring along any documents related to car purchases.


Written By: Daryl Diemer – Founder of Diemer Corp
August 23, 2014

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