Is Your Business Engaging All Customers on Social Media? – August 26, 2014

Is Your Business Engaging All Customers on Social Media?

When you entered the auto dealership industry, you probably never thought that you would see the day when social media would become an indispensable part of doing business. But here we are today amidst all this technology and social media has indeed become very important tools by which we can promote our business and market our vehicles to consumers. If you are not yet using social media to reach out to the public, you might be foregoing your chance to tap into new markets that could bring your profitability to new heights. So how do you start engaging new and existing customers on social media?

First of all, there are different kinds of social media. You may have already heard of Facebook and Twitter but there are tons of other kinds of social media existing online. Here is a brief list of the most commonly used social media technologies:

If you intend to reach out to today’s generation raised on social media, you need to become familiar with at least some of the technologies so that you can use them to your advantage.

Take for example Facebook – this social media site is one of the most popular out there today which means you should really get your own page on Facebook so that people will see what you have to offer. More and more people are joining Facebook everyday so it makes sense to have a presence in the site if only so people will spot the name of your business in passing. Facebook can raise the potential of your business to generate vehicle sales because it is very likely that Facebook users are probably in the market for used cars or new cars, as they prefer. Don’t be intimidated if you have never set up a Facebook account before because the process is quite easy. You just need to get familiar with the process of signing up and using your account regularly to be able to post content that may appeal to Facebook users who are hunting for a Dealership that will sell to them their kind of car.

Another nice thing about Facebook is that the website itself will give you names of Facebook account holders whom you might add to your list of Facebook contacts. The more contacts you add, the more visible your own posts will become in the “news feed” – that’s jargon for the posts that everyone submits for other people to read as shown in a continuous thread that never stops accepting posts. It is best to keep posts below 500 words as many Facebook users don’t have the attention span needed to read long posts above 500 words. You might want to post a few statements on a daily basis, related somehow to your business, so that anyone online at Facebook will spot your posts and get interested. If they are interested in what you are selling, they can easily contact you via the PM or Personal Message function of the website and you can hammer out a deal.

Twitter is another good way to raise awareness about your business. With Twitter, you can post a 140 word tweet message that will then be visible to anyone who is following you. As with Facebook, Twitter will itself suggest names of people for you to follow while it suggests to other people that they follow you. Celebrities know the value of a Twitter account because that is how they raise their popularity – they post a few tweets daily so that their fans have something to read online. Of course, the ultimate value of a tweet is if it is followed and read by many people. This takes time and patience on your part.

Another popular form of social media services is that espoused by Instagram. With Instagram, they only accept photos and videos for posting on their website. The good part about this is that it is very visual meaning you can post photos of cool cars you might be selling for the whole Instagram population to eyeball. If you have been in the auto dealership business for long you probably know that consumers fall in love with the looks of a car way before they start exploring the other parts such as the engine and the dashboard. So by posting photos and videos of these vehicles online, you are raising interest about the cars you sell which may possibly result in a sale sometime in the future.


Written By: Daryl Diemer – Founder of Diemer Corp
August 26, 2014

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