Twitter 101 – Why You Should Be on Twitter – August 22, 2014

Twitter 101 – Why You Should Be on Twitter

If you are running an auto dealership, you might want to consider signing up for a Twitter account at Twitter has potential to raise awareness of your dealership among people who also have Twitter accounts, and may even help you generate sales. Here are some tips on how you can use your Twitter account to your advantage and to support the growth of your Dealership.

First of all, choose a username that best describes your Dealership – this is after all for a Twitter account that represents your business. For example, you might choose a username such as @greatsuvsforsale. That way, when people come across your tweets they instantly know that you are in the auto dealership business and that you specialize in SUVs. Or maybe you can choose a username like @quality2ndhandcars if your Dealership is selling used cars. The point is to use a username that will leave a lasting impression on your target market, namely, Twitter followers.

Second, do try to follow someone on Twitter. Twitter will give you suggestions about accounts that might interest you. One way that you can start following Twitter users is to use the Find Friends function – in your home page on Twitter go to the right hand side box and click on “find people you know”. This will lead you to the “find friends” page where you will be invited to submit your address book on Gmail, AOL, Outlook, and Yahoo to find contacts that already have a presence on Twitter. You can also use the “invite friends via email” function at the bottom of that page.

Third, do make tweets as soon as you have set up your Twitter profile. Just go to your home page and look for the “compose new tweet” field at the left hand box. This will open up that field so that you can compose a short tweet. Your tweet should be at maximum 140 characters only. You might want to write something about your business or you could simply introduce yourself to whoever might be reading your tweet. You can tweet as often as you like, provided each tweet is at best 140 characters only. You can click on the Tweet button of that message box to post your tweet.

Don’t get impatient if no one replies yet – in Twitter it can sometimes take time to be noticed by other Twitter members. One reason for this is that some tweets from famous people might overshadow tweets from average people. Twitter will suggest to other Twitter folk that they might want to follow you so there is always the chance that they will eventually become your followers. This is why it pays to import your contacts from Gmail, AOL, Outlook and Yahoo because these people may eventually realize you are on Twitter and sign up to follow you.

So what can you tweet about? Well, since you got a Twitter account purely to notify the world about your Dealership, you can tweet about vehicle sales promotions that you are offering. You can post links to your Dealership blog site, if you have one (and if you don’t then it is time you did set up a Dealership blog site) as well as links to blog sites or websites that are somewhat related to your Dealership. The point to doing all this is to raise awareness in the Twitter world about your line of work and how they could benefit by following you.

It may seem at first that you are talking to empty air when you post tweets. Well, everyone starts out that way. You can up the momentum by emailing your Twitter username to your contacts and invite them to either sign up for Twitter themselves or to ask them to follow your tweets. You can even use other social media like Facebook to raise awareness about your Twitter account and the content of that account. Don’t be surprised if complete strangers start to follow you – that’s just how Twitter is. Welcome the opportunity to inform these strangers about opportunities to buy a car from you.

The nice part about tweeting is that you won’t be censored at all. Even if you use colorful language in your tweets, you are safe. However, be sure to limit your tweets to just business-related stuff because you don’t want people to get distracted by tweets about other topics. Do tweet when you have special promotional events as well as discounts that are currently being offered at your Dealership – there is always the chance that someone will notice your tweets and get interested in buying a car from you.


Written By: Daryl Diemer – Founder of Diemer Corp
August 22, 2014

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