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Event Website 

Event Sale Websites are a fantastic way to specifically sell a certain model(s) of car to your customers. With Event Sale Websites we will customize and build you a mini (or full) website allowing your company to zone in on selling the current sale model effectively. With our top notch design services and marketing ability the sales sites will not only intrigue potential customers but will draw them in further to re-visit and refer the professional grade website.

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images (13)Call Tracking

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Seo (1)

Automotive SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential to your success online as it can significantly affect your car dealer website ranking in Google’s search engine results pages. Strategically building your keyword list for your dealership will allow you to effectively see results.

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Dealership Videos

Full car walk around videos are important from an online standpoint. When you aren’t in person to view a car model but want to see in complete detail what you are looking at, a dealership full car walk around allows you to do exactly that. Offering this service will allow more people to view your models and increase their interest by virtually viewing their next car.


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Dealership Blogs

Dealership blogging goes a long way when it comes to reviews. Having these dealership blogs will add the expertise to your business name letting your potential customers see that you are in authority of this line of work. Your blogging can be anything from reviews or to a new an up and coming cars which will be hot in the market. Essentially you will have a car magazine accessible all through the simple view of an organized blog.

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Staff Training (how to handle leads!!)

A missed opportunity can translate to thousands of dollars per year in lost revenue. Whether a staff member forgets to follow up the  customer or doesn’t know how to encourage the client to come in for a consultation after an inquiry call.   You could be losing hundreds and thousands of dollars in potential sales just from a single conversation.

Providing staff members with adequate training is one of the best investments you’ll ever make !

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